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Lotte and my rant series, i'll probably be much less consistant than her :P

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Oh my days, don't even get me STARTED on dressing gowns!!!

Okay, so dressing gowns: What even is the point? Like, what are you doing with your life that you need a dressing gown in it? What are they even for? If you're cold in the morning or evening why can't you just get better pyjamas? Wear a jumper so you don't have to buy a whole new item of clothing for nighttime coldness!I reckon it's just another capatalist construction to make us spend more money on the bourgeoisie, they're so unneccesary (and I swear they exist so you buy them, lose the belt bit and buy another) not to mention you wear them over your pyjamas but you can't even SLEEP in them! Why would you want something like that in your life? Why would anyone in their right mind want a dressing gown

I literally just looked up the purpose of dressing gowns on Wikipedia and one of the uses listed is "nightwear when not being in bed" WHAT? Why? Who did this?Not to mention people who wear them after showering, like, fair enough if you're home alone but how could you not be uncomfortable waltzing around your family basically naked? How could your family not be a bit uncomfortable with you waltzing around them basically naked? You wouldn't waltz around your family with just a towel wrapped around you (unless you're very close with them??) but really, how hard is it for you to just put some clothes on that you need this towel with sleeves to walk around the house?C'mon guys, just get warmer pyjamas, get a jumper, just don't get nightwear that you can't wear to bed. 

It's taken me soooo long to get around to writing this (sorry Lotte) and I was very close to just writing "where I've been and what I'm doing" but I couldn't put my thoughts into words that made sense haha!Okay Lotte, your new subject is : Kinder eggs (mwahaha)context: Kinder eggs are like Lotte's favourite food, ever. Good Luck!!-Shay

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lottebow March 15, 2017 08:03AM

Noooo why would you do that to me :( :( :( and I do agree, dressings gowns are a bit pointless but they're nice if you're just relaxing in your pj's downstairs watching TV before bed