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Dressing Gowns

March 14, 2017 05:03PM, 1 comments

Oh my days, don't even get me STARTED on dressing gowns!!!

Okay, so dressing gowns: What even is the point? Like, what are you doing with your life that you need a dressing gown in it? What are they even for? If you're cold in the morning or evening why can't you just get better pyjamas? Wear a jumper so you don't have to buy a whole new item of clothing for nighttime coldness!I reckon it's just another capatalist construction to make us spend more money on the bourgeoisie, they're so unneccesary (and I swear they exist so you buy them, lose the belt bit and buy another) not to mention you wear them over your pyjamas but you can't even SLEEP in them! Why would you want something like that in your life? Why would anyone in their right mind want a dressing gown

I literally just looked up the purpose of dressing gowns on Wikipedia and one of the uses listed is "nightwear when not being in bed" WHAT? Why? Who did this?Not to mention people who wear them after showering, like, fair enough if you're home alone but how could you not be uncomfortable waltzing around your family basically naked? How could your family not be a bit uncomfortable with you waltzing around them basically naked? You wouldn't waltz around your family with just a towel wrapped around you (unless you're very close with them??) but really, how hard is it for you to just put some clothes on that you need this towel with sleeves to walk around the house?C'mon guys, just get warmer pyjamas, get a jumper, just don't get nightwear that you can't wear to bed. 

It's taken me soooo long to get around to writing this (sorry Lotte) and I was very close to just writing "where I've been and what I'm doing" but I couldn't put my thoughts into words that made sense haha!Okay Lotte, your new subject is : Kinder eggs (mwahaha)context: Kinder eggs are like Lotte's favourite food, ever. Good Luck!!-Shay

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CD cases

November 19, 2016 06:11PM, 1 comments

CD cases, right, okay. Don't even get me STARTED on CD cases....

Okay, so, like, first of all- what even is the point of CD's anymore? Like, most people have the access internet and by extension Spotify, so why bother buying a CD? They're practically medieval. Now, the cases themselves, I think we can all agree, are absolute rubbish. Okay, so imagine you're clumsy - which if you're me, you don't have to...- you maybe don't open things from the right side and whambam you have a broken CD case and a vulnerable CD fending for itself that will inevitably get scratched in the middle of your favourite song.Okay, lets now pretend you're a normal person and open things carefully. You put your CDs on the sofa while sorting them or figuring out which ones to play at a party or something and whambam your clumsy friend Shay (no relation) sat on them and broke them. Sort your CDs out on the floor? Whambam your friend doesn't look where she's going and treds on them, both breaking them and hurting her. To this some people might say "Get better friends" but maybe she's teaching you a valuable lesson about CDs; don't get them. 

Not to mention HMV, you think you're getting a good deal but really you buy more thinking you're getting a good deal so you spend more money than you would have if you'd just got the thing you went in there to get instead of contemplating whether or not to buy the Buffy The Vampire Slayer soundtrack for so long that you then feel obligated to buy something because otherwise you feel awkward and guilty walking past the cashiers. You see them judging you, you know they're judging you when you don't buy stuff. So you may be thinking "nobody cares, why am i reading this? This is such a long thing on such a boring topic, it's got to be over soon, right?" Wrong. 

So let's say it's your or your friend's birthday, or christmas, or any other celebration that results in giving and or recieving gifts. You know you have to be polite whatever you get, but we both know you're disappointed when you unwrap your gift to see a CD case staring up at you. And if you're the one that bought the CD, you're a terrible friend. Have you considered:- They might have wanted that CD before, but now aren't really into that musician?-They might have wanted that CD before, so they got it and now they have two and they can't say anything because we're British and awkward.-They might not even like or know that musician, maybe it's a musician you like and want them to listen to, maybe they don't want to or don't like them when they do listen to them.-You've been spending ages in HMV looking for the right CD for them, when all along you could have gotten them an Itunes or Spotify voucher and they would have been much happier as they could get whatever they want without worrying about breaking or losing their CDs or CD cases. 

I hope you now have a more in depth understanding of how problematic CD cases are. CDs were brushed upon but there's a million other problems with CDs alone, let's be honest.I also hope you're happy, Lotte. I FINALLY wrote a rant about CD cases. Your next topic: Cups. Good luck :) 

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